Your donation lets her fly!

For as little as $100.00 we can take a young girl for a 20 minute plane ride. What does that actually mean?

As her body soars with the thrill of flight, so too does her imagination. 

Suddenly becoming a pilot does not seem out of reach anymore. After all, she is flying right now with an outstanding female pilot.

Perhaps she wants to be a mechanic or scientist. Now that her eyes are firmly on the future, it becomes a real possibility.

Donation Levels:


  • Gifts a young lady with a 20-minute flight
  • A Girlsgofly T-shirt with your name on the back as her mentor
  • A listing on our website hall of fame.


  • Sends a girl on her way to a flight that could change her life.

Other: every little bit helps the mission.

We aggregate all donations into one flight at a time. 

Every contribution is a gift to the future of young women and is gratefully accepted.

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