Charting New Horizons: A Journey from Canada to India in an Archer DX

As dawn breaks over Goose Bay, Canada on June 17, 2024, our team of six pilots prepares for an ambitious ferry flight to Mumbai, India. Over the next 12 days, we will navigate three Archer DX aircraft through Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Oman, and finally to India (initial itinerary). This journey isn’t about tourism or leisurely stops; it’s about precision, endurance, and the dedication required to deliver these aircraft safely to their new home.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Pilots

In the early legs of this journey, I am joined by a fellow female pilot. Together, we aim to showcase the diverse and exciting opportunities available to women in aviation. This journey is a testament to the growing presence of women in the field and an inspiration for those who aspire to soar in the skies.

The Reality of Ferry Piloting

Ferry piloting is a unique and demanding job. We transport aircraft from manufacturers to their new owners, often crossing vast distances and varying climates. Our days are filled with meticulous planning, rigorous checks, and long hours in the cockpit. Each takeoff and landing is a critical moment, requiring utmost concentration and skill.

During this flight, we won’t have the opportunity to explore the towns or tourist spots along our route. Our focus is entirely on the mission: ensuring the aircraft reach their destination safely and on schedule. The journey is a series of coordinated efforts, from navigating the icy runways of Greenland to managing the high temperatures over Egypt.

Breaking Barriers and Building Dreams

Women in aviation are breaking barriers and building dreams. Whether it’s the structured environment of commercial airlines, the rugged independence of bush flying, the heroic missions of firefighting, or the adventurous spirit of ferry piloting, there is a place for every aspiring pilot in the skies.

Join Our Journey

As we make our way from Goose Bay to Mumbai, follow our progress here: Interactive Real-Time Map

For me, this journey is not just about moving aircraft; it’s about inspiring women to pursue their dreams in aviation. We face challenges head-on and work together to achieve our goals, showing that the sky is not the limit but just the beginning.

To all aspiring women pilots: dream big, fly high, and chart your own course. There are endless possibilities waiting for you in aviation.

Fly with us, and let’s make history together.

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