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We’ve been sharing career information here and tips and tricks in our videos, but we are now going to focus on gear for a little while especially as we prepare ourselves to fly in humid and cold environments.

Pilot Flight Bags

My favourite line of bags has got to be from MyGoFlight. In particular the MYGOFLIGHT PLC Pro Flight Bag is absolutely awesome! Of course, it costs a pretty penny, but it will last you a very long time. You can find it online at CAD $750.00 or so.

This company really knows pilots and how much beating our flight bags go through. We’re always hauling them around from inside the flight deck to the grass or asphalt on the ramp, to the trunk of our car, and for those of you who fly for the airlines, God only knows how much wear and tear is put on these bags through security, in the overhead compartments, etc.

aviation gear

MyGoFlight has proven that they know how to make top-quality aviation gear. The quality of the zippers, the durable fabric made of sail cloth making it water resistant, multiple pockets provides storage for your iPad, 2 headsets or overnight gear (side pocket is built to fit water bottle or hand-held radio), the ergonomic steel cable handle, the ultra-comfy shoulder strap, you name it, they’ve thought of it.

You can see Sandrine’s flight bag here with the Girls Go Fly logo! This specific one is the middle version: MYGOFLIGHT PLC Sport Flight Bag (CAD $430). As you can see, they did an amazing job with the embroidering. If you prefer a cheaper and smaller version (CAD $254), get the MYGOFLIGHT PLC Lite Flight Bag, which comes with the same great quality just a few less pockets.


Now, for those of you who want the full-fledged leather flight bag to show off classy aviation gear, get ready to fork out around CAD$620. But, that will get you well-designed, beautifully crafted leather vintage pilot gear with pockets for everything from headsets to radios alike.

Now, of course, I can’t talk about pilot flight bags without mentioning other good aviation gear alternatives: ASA Pilot Flight Bag (CAD $97.95), but if you’re really into vintage pilot gear, you will love this Olive Drab Vintage Canvas Flight Bag (CAD 49.99$):

For a limited time, here at Girls Go Fly, we have a great bag that won’t carry all your gear, but will definitely be perfect for your maps, aircraft journey log book, insurance papers, and all other items you need to carry in your aircraft. You can get it from us for CAD $35.00. A portion from the sale of RCAF products goes to support veterans and $10 goes to our fund to support girls and women in their aviation journey. Get yours while supplies last!

RCAF Tan Shoulder Bag

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